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Packing Service

Every move is a little different; varying preparation times, budgets and needs can influence the decisions you make about which packing service you choose.
Knowledge is power, and with that in mind, here are the professional packing services we offer.
The advantages of these services and their respective suitability are explained here in detail; If for any reason you are still not certain in regards to which packing service is most suitable and advantageous for your move, feel free to ask your relocation consultant for assistance and further clarification.

1. Basic / standard blanket & pad service (included):
All non upholstered and non fragile items will be wrapped in moving quilts by our team, with heavy furniture pads, corner protection and tape applied appropriately (and generously) where needed. The remaining items, as well as the moving boxes, will be packed by the customer(PBO) and the perishable supplies needed for packing aforementioned items shall be obtained independently by the customer.

2. Custom Partial Packing Service (starting at $25):
This includes all services mentioned above, along with accounting for additional protection (materials & labor) for specific items you've mentioned (for example: packing a TV & 2 mirrors) for those on a very tight budget, or a complete partial packing move which includes everything except for the moving boxes you were intending to pack yourself. This option will include packing for all fragile items (including customized crating), covering upholstery & shrink wrapping / bubble wrapping any furniture items before the blankets are applied, and any materials which can be helpful in protecting all items which would not fit into a standard moving box. The monetary addition for this service tends to account for a fraction of the value of the goods being transported, so it should definitely be viewed, rather than an expense, as being an investment in maintaining the quality and integrity of your items.

3. Full Packing Luxury Service (mid range to high end):
This is our most highly recommended service since it comes with a unique advantage - you don't have to do a thing. Forget about hunting for packing supplies, racking your brain as to where you put the original box for a TV you purchased ages ago, or hail-Mary-hoping your fine china doesn't crack. With this packing service our team will provide all the materials and do all the work so that you can sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee on your couch, until it's time to load that very couch onto the truck. We call this a luxury service because that is exactly what it is; our skilled crew will set sufficient time aside and arrive with a deliberate excess of materials to pack up your entire home; top to bottom, basement to attic, safely, quickly and professionally. While this service is labeled a luxury, it is often a necessity and comes highly recommended, specifically for the following circumstances: those suffering from injuries or inflammation due to repetitive motion, those moving items which are located remotely to their home & those with significant time constraints due to prior responsibilities (employment & career, child care, geriatric care, etc.).
Regardless of which packing service you ultimately choose, you can be sure of this: our team will give you courteous, efficient and professional service which will remain within the restrictions of your budget and be suitable to your needs.