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Door to Door Moves

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Every one of our moves is meticulously planned so that it is carried out to perfection and no detail is forgotten. If you haven't moved in the past you are probably wondering how the process of hiring a moving company works, and though every move is a little different, we did want to break it down for you so that the task of planning your move can be a little less daunting.

Step 1: Getting Your Quote – when you contact Economy Van Lines (toll free 888-707-0098) one of our receptionists will take your information and open a file for you, while assigning your file to an experienced (and friendly!) relocation consultant who will help you get started. Your consultant's job is to tailor the best quote for you, while addressing any and all questions or concerns you may have about moving. You shouldn't hesitate to share any requirements or limitations that you may have (regarding your timeline, your target budget, etc.) so that they can best assist you and prepare you for what to expect. Once you have covered all aspects with your consultant (don't worry, they'll take you through the process slowly, step by step) you'll receive a binding quote which will include your final cost & services. The binding quote is our commitment to you, but you can still make changes to your information up until just a few days before the move, with no penalties or fees- binding yet flexible.

Step 2: Preparing for Your Move – Once you've put down a deposit and secured a reservation on our schedule, a big hurdle will be out of your way. All that's left to take care of now are the arrangements for your own transportation (you can't pack yourself into a box…) and make sure you've completed which ever portion of the packing you were planning on doing yourself (unless you opted for a full packing service, in which case- it's time to call some friends and get together for a cup of coffee or a cocktail as your last hurrah…!). Remember to return all your refundable equipment, schedule to shut off all of your utilities and change your forwarding address. You're likely to forget about something, but let's hope that if you do it'll be something small, like one dish towel left behind…

Schedule Confirmation

Step 3: Schedule Confirmation – Our dispatch department will contact you between 48 to 24 hours prior to your move, to re-confirm your availability on your selected time and date. By that time you should probably be ready to get going, but we always recommend you keep an extra box or two, some bubble wrap and a roll of tape just in case there are any last minute items that need a little extra protection. Even if you run out, remember our guys always have some extra packing materials on hand so don't hesitate to ask for help should you need it.

Step 4: Pickup Day – Our team will arrive, introduce themselves and get to work. Prior to loading up the truck they will provide you with all the necessary paperwork and quickly survey your items to ensure all of them are listed, color-coded, bar-coded, marked for their designated room, compliant with safety regulations and ready for transport. In the unlikely event that anything is out of order (for instance you forgot to empty your dresser drawers) they will advise you immediately and recommend an efficient solution (like professionally packing all your dresser drawers items into moving grade boxes) so any delays in your schedule are reduced to a minimum. Once the truck is carefully loaded and all listed items are cataloged and accounted for they will hit the road, so you can too!

Step 5: In Transit – Depending on the schedule you provide our dispatch, it may take a few days for your items to reach you at your destination. During this time you are always welcome to be in touch with us (you guessed it- same toll free number!) and we'll happily provide you with an ETA of when to expect delivery. In the event you need a little extra time before you're ready for your items to be shipped, don't hesitate to let your consultant or pickup-team know- you may utilize our storage facilities for up to one month absolutely free of charge.

Delivery Day

Step 6: Delivery Day – Our moving crew will arrive, accept the final payment and unload all of your items. Any pieces of furniture which were taken apart upon pickup will be professionally reconstructed and all items, up until the very last box, will be placed in your new home based on your specifications and exactly where you would like them to be. You may receive a feedback form from them asking to rate your experience and in any case we invite you to give us a call and share your feedback with us. Customer feedback is extremely valuable and essential to building a successful business in the service industry, so if you feel inclined to spend some time telling us about your experience, we will certainly appreciate it.
Now you can finally unwind… get to know your new neighborhood, check out the night scene, the culinary possibilities or the local schools, and just enjoy this new chapter in your life in your new home with all of your beloved items with you. We won't bug you for recommendations but if you do decide to take that crazy leap and move again, we'll be there to help, every step of the way.